Cyberbullying Prevention and Child Safety Online

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The use of technology is increasing in kids’ lives. They need to use it for various purposes like education or entertainment. Parents’ role in children’s digital lives is integral for educating them about using the internet safely.

What is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying occurs on social platforms. It includes sending inappropriate messages to someone and using their identity for humiliation by creating a fake profile. Meanwhile, commenting negatively on someone’s post is also considered in it. In this, the victim faces false and harassing statements from the bullies. The bully does all this with the kid for entertainment purposes, or they want something from the victim in return.

How to Prevent Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is an increasing issue that a lot of kids are facing. According to the Annapolis Research Center, approximately 42% of kids have faced cyberbullying in their lifetime. This is an increasing issue, and parents must take an active role in the prevention of Cyberbullying thanks to parental control apps that are helpful for it.

Protect Kid’s Personal Information Online

Protecting kids’ personal information online decreases the chances of identity theft. Online, many bullies use fake profiles and pictures of the victims just to ruin their image in society. But when the victim’s identity remains hidden, the bully cannot use it against the victim. Educate your child that online people are not what they try to be. If they upload a picture of a teenage girl that does not mean behind the account is a teenage girl. It can be used by someone pretending to be a teenage girl.

Do not talk with Cyberbullies

When someone is trying to bully your child and passing negative comments, it is better not to reply to that bully. Educate your child that they should block and report the bullying before engaging in unnecessary conversation. When kids reply to the bully, it encourages them to bully the victim even more. Cyberbullies usually wait for the emotional response of the victim. But when kids block or ignore their messages, they leave with one-sided communication.

Report Cyberbullies

When kids face cyberbullying, it is better to take screenshots as evidence. Kids should not respond to people trying to bully them by sending harassing messages. Instead of answering and replying, it is better to take screenshots as evidence. Immediately report it to the concerned department when your children face it. Try to collect evidence, such as the chat in which they harass you. Also, take screenshots of their profile and other information on their account. It helps in reporting the bully and in the legal process

Parents and Teacher’s Role in Keeping Kids Safe from Cyberbullying

Kids face many challenges in their daily lives. It is their guardian’s responsibility to listen to kids’ concerns. When kids share their everyday life experiences with you, it is better to listen to them carefully. Create a friendly environment with your child so they can share with you what they are experiencing. You can get insight into their digital lives by having a friendly environment with kids. It will help you in knowing if they are experiencing cyberbullying in their life.

 Parental Control App’s Role in Maintaining Child Safety Online

Online kids can indulge in many activities. They can use different platforms for entertainment purposes and educational purposes. While using it for personal use might lead them to online risks. When kids take such risks, they fear sharing it with their parents. And their kid deals with all this alone. That is why it is essential to track a phone of your kid’s activities so that you know all the activities of the targeted person.

Features that Parental Control Apps Offer

Messages monitoring
It enables parents to remotely read all the messages on their children’s social media accounts. You can read IMs without accessing the device physically.

Call monitoring
It also helps in listening and recording your child’s calls so that you can know if someone is bullying your children.

Message Alert
It will notify the parent when it detects any suspicious messages on your kid’s device. They can receive notifications on their device. It will work discreetly on the targeted device and alert you about their every activity. Parental control apps also provide many other features to help better parenting. By utilizing it, you can create a safer environment for your child.


Cyberbullying is increasing as the technology advances. Parents need to keep a close eye on the activities of their children. Parents can protect their children from cyberbullying by educating them about how to respond to it. Parental control apps are vital in creating a safer environment for kids. It alerts parents about suspicious activities.

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