All About Top Addicting Features of the OgyMogy Phone Tracker

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When my social circle started using the phone tracker app they were always talking about it. Most of them were moms who were using the apps as parental control. Some were even using it for employee monitoring and self-management but the only thing that was common among all was that they all were so much satisfied with the services. OgyMogy was the app used by most of them but even the other users were so much in praise of the services. I on the other hand was not that much convinced. It is quite embarrassing to confess but I was kind of judgemental about the technology and the users overall as I thought of it as a scam or a myth.

One of my close friends pushed me or in other words, kind of challenged me to at least try the OgyMogy phone tracker for a month. I accepted the challenge and that is how ladies and gentlemen I officially got introduced to the OgyMogy spy app technology.

Without wasting any further time let me tell you about the details of my favorite features.

The Call Recording

Call recording is not a big mission with the OgyMogy phone tracker. It is completely legal to use the call recording feature for specific purposes like parental control and employee monitoring.

Call Log

Besides call recording access to phone book history is another excellent feature. All the call-related features can be very useful for people who deal in business that involves calling services.

Text Log

You must have heard about the terms sexting or smishing. Both are horrible faces and the wrongful usage of text services. With the OgyMogy phone tracker app, users can take a detailed look at all the sent and received texts of the target person. Monitor your kids and save them from any bad habits. You can protect your elders and loved ones from possible scammers as well as the Android spying app service.

Camera Bug

The camera bug features mean users get remote access to the front and rear cameras of the target. I can watch my kid at school or even know what is he up to at the party through the camera bug feature of the phone tracker app.

Mic Bug

The mic bug feature lets the user listen to all the surrounding sounds and voices. That means you can hear the people around the target person remotely without even letting them know. The feature is my favorite as you can especially use it to catch any bully in the target company right away.

The Web History Browsing Record

Use the OgyMogy phone tracker app to know about the target browsing history in detail. The app notifies about the bookmark feature as well.

Web Filtering

The OgyMogy phone tracker is best in a way that it lets the user not only know about the web bring history but give them the power to manage and control it as well. That means you can block any sexting or porn site from your teenagers’ devices or can ban all entertainment websites during the official hours of the employees.

Password Crack

The app also lets the user crack the password of the target online account in stealth mode. You can know about your teenager’s Instagram account passwords or can catch a spy in the office by tracking the secret email account credentials. All this and much more can be done with the OgyMogy.

Keystroke Logging

The keystroke logging is an excellent feature as it records all the keypad-related activity of the target.

GPS location Tracking

Track the target in real-time accurately with the GPS location tracking feature. You can even use the feature for yourself as it helps you track your lost device or improve the security of the smart gadgets.


Mark the virtual safe and restricted zone on Google Maps for the target and restrict their movement by using the geofencing feature of the phone tracker app. I regret the period I thought the technology was a scam and did not use it. Now that I have experienced it myself I think the OgyMogy phone tracker is one of the best technology and modern-day inventions.

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